Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home

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Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home

So often in the work or home setting, we are distracted by thoughts of the past, future, and all that we must do. This can take us away from being fully present in each moment. Taking time for mindful meditation during the workday can help us truly experience each moment of life with greater clarity, calmness, and stability.

There is an abundance of scientific data from the past several decades verifying the benefits of meditation as a means to reduce stress and improve health. These findings are briefly discussed in the introduction track of this album. (More information on the science of stress, as well as supporting data on the health benefits of meditation, imagery, and mindfulness, can be found in “The Stress is Not You”, a companion album to this set of meditations.)

The subsequent tracks on this album are designed for you to choose from a variety of brief guided meditations to fit a range of time constraints. This variety also allows you to experience different kinds of meditations depending on your individual situation and preference. Try them all, and use them in your own way. In time, you may wish to sit in stillness on your own, without the use of spoken guidance. At other times, you may wish to return to the recordings.

Discover the inner most resource of strength and stability within yourself through regular mindful meditation practice. It is a welcoming breath of fresh air in these days of increased obligations and stress. You can establish and maintain a daily effective meditation practice at work and home.

Many of us tend to postpone dealing with stress, waiting to find a “perfect” time, later on, for meditation or other healthful practices… but for most people that time never comes. During the day, some of us may intentionally or unintentionally avoid noticing how the mind and body are constantly taking on and taking in stress. This process often continues until we get sick or challenged by a crisis situation. We can feel that there is no way to effectively reduce stress at work or home unless we leave that environment entirely. However, by scheduling and utilizing the time necessary for daily meditation, you will be turning toward your own innate capabilities of distressing at a time and place in which you can benefit the most — during the busy work day itself. Listen to these meditations during work-breaks, between clients or work assignments, or as part of your lunch-break routine.

Mindfulness is a way of being that allows you to purposefully and non-judgmentally pay attention to what you are experiencing in any given moment. It is a state of awareness that broadens our perspective, leading us to a greater appreciation of life. Mindfulness is readily available to everyone at all times. The benefits of mindfulness can be experienced in all aspects of life. With practice, it increasingly becomes part of a natural response to life’s situations. “Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home” provides you with a structured, user-friendly means to reduce stress and gain clarity through mindful practice. Utilize these brief meditations as part of a daily routine for mindfully relaxing into awareness, calmness, and newfound energy. You will find that meditation helps trains and strengthen the mind, as physical exercise does the body. Mindfulness helps unify the mind, body, and spirit toward optimal health and well-being.


1. Introduction and Preparation for Mindful Meditation

2. Guided Breathing Awareness Exercise

3. Meditation One - Guided Five or Ten Minute Meditation

4. Meditation Two - Body Scan

5. Meditation Three - Guided Dynamic Meditation

6. Meditative Music


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