Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

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Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

Are you or someone you know expecting a baby? With this recording, you can give yourself or a loved one a gift of health, relaxation, and time for mother and baby to deeply connect. This recording promotes physical and emotional resiliency, and positively impacts mother and baby's well-being now and beyond pregnancy.

Nurture affects Nature. Research reveals that, in large part, an individual's ability to respond to stress as an adult is determined before birth, during his or her development in the womb. The mother's stress levels can impact her baby's stress response throughout life, from infancy through adulthood. Stress hormones, including cortisol, are released when we feel stressed. When cortisol reaches high levels within the mother, the developing baby also shares the high cortisol levels.

Research also indicates that when the mother is feeling calm, connected, and empowered during pregnancy, the life within her acquires the physiological benefits as well.

With regular use, this recording can be a vital stress reduction tool now and beyond pregnancy. It will help alleviate high levels of cortisol, bring about physiological balance, and discontinue the conveyance of certain stress reactions within the mother and the developing baby.

Equally important, woven within this recording is the emphasis on strengthening the emotional bond that begins to develop between mother and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond pregnancy. 


1. The Science of Stress and Health During Pregnancy

2. Mindful Imagery and Music


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Now, just get comfortable, listen, and relax into the healthy journey that is about to begin...